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3 Things to Consider When Installing Fire Doors

In the event of a fire, fire doors are absolutely vital in keeping the occupants or employees in your building safe. Most fire doors are not designed to completely stop a fire, but are instead designed to delay the fire so that everyone can get out of the building safely. When installing fire doors, it is important to remember that not all fire doors are suitable for all applications, that there are limited ways to hold the door open, and that your fire doors may need to be supplemented with other systems.

Supplementing Fire Doors

There are quite a few different devices and objects that you can use to supplement your fire doors so that your building is even safer in the event of a fire. One of these objects is a smoke barrier.

One of the most common types of smoke barrier consists of a type of membrane located within the walls of your building that will limit the movement of smoke down the corridors of your building. These barriers are quite useful because they can limit the risk to your building's occupants, while also keeping people's lines of sight as clear as possible. 

Another way to supplement a fire door is to install a temperature rise door. These doors are designed to prevent the transfer of heat from one side of the door to the other. This can prevent rooms, stairwells, and corridors on the other side of a door from a fire from getting dangerously hot.

Limited Options for Holding the Door Open

In order for a fire door to be effective, it must be allowed to open and close freely. This means that you cannot simply wedge the door open with a doorstop because this will make the door useless in a fire.

However, you can buy doors that will magnetically latch to a metal plate in the wall. These latches will be linked to the fire alarm system in the building so that the magnetic latch can release and allow the door to close if the alarm goes off.

Not All Fire Doors Are Suitable for Every Application

Finally, you will want to make sure that you get the right fire door for your application. For example, you will need a fire door with a higher rating if you want to install a fire door as an exterior door to your building, while lower ratings are suitable for interior doors. 

Visit a fire door dealer today in order to see the many varieties of fire doors available to you. When installing a fire door, it is very important to remember that the requirements for fire doors vary depending on the application. In addition, you may need to supplement your fire doors if you want to make your facility or building as safe as possible in the event of a fire. For more information, talk to a professional like All Kind Door Services Ltd.