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Choosing A Great Overhead Garage Panel Material

Garage doors are one home feature that has a big impact on the overall style of your property. Despite this, garage door replacement is not as popular as other exterior remodels, like window replacement or siding installation. But, if you want to invest in a worthwhile home improvement, you should definitely consider replacing your garage doors. It is one remodel that is going to have a lot of positive impact on your home, while it is also a very cost-effective remodel. This article explains what materials you should look for, if you are going to invest in garage door panels.

Wooden Panels

The panel material is probably the most important decision you need to make when it comes to garage door replacement. Different panel materials are going to have varying maintenance needs, insulation, and durability. Of course, the style is another important factor to consider. If you are mostly concerned with style, and willing to put up with a little extra maintenance, you should consider wooden panels. Most wooden garage door panels are not 100% wood. In fact, the actual workable part of the panel, which is attached to the frame, is usually aluminum or vinyl. The exterior is clad in hardwood. This is usually just a thin veneer of hardwood that is put on top of the other material. However, since this hardwood is on the outside and exposed to moisture and sun, it can wear down over the years.

Wood, when left outside, it's susceptible to warping, fading, moisture damage, and termites. However, you can prevent most of these problems, if you just regularly maintain your panels. Once every couple of years, you might need to add a new finish to your wood. The finish will protect the wood grains, prevent fading, and make sure that your wood looks stylish and new.

Fiberglass Panels

Many homeowners love the look of wood, but they don't want to deal with the maintenance. This is one reason why they often choose a synthetic material like fiberglass. There are so many stylish fiberglass garage panels, but the most popular have wooden finishes. That is, they have a printed outer layer that looks like real wood. You can find the most popular wood species and stains in a fiberglass product. If you see these products in person, you will probably realize that they don't look exactly like actual wood. That being said, the reduced maintenance, and ease of ownership, makes fiberglass a popular choice.

Regardless of whether you choose wood or fiberglass, new garage panels can greatly improve the garage style of your overhead doors.