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Wood And Steel: 2 Strong Garage Door Material Choices

When you replace your garage door, you want to make sure that you replace your garage door with a strong material that works with your home and provides you with the right benefits that you need for your specific home situation.

#1 Wood

One of the most common garage door materials is wood. Wood garage doors are a common option because wood can be easily customized to create the specifically-sized garage door that you need. The look of a wood garage door is also highly customizable. You can stain a wood garage door, giving it a natural look, or you can paint a wood garage door.

The price of a wood garage door can vary greatly, depending on the quality of wood that you use. At the lower end of the spectrum, you can have a light wood frame that is filled with foam insulation and then wrapped up with either hardboard or plywood on the outside of the frame.

A hardboard skin is less expensive than a plywood one. At the higher end of the spectrum, you can have a thick, solid frame and panel door created for your garage out of cedar, mahogany, or redwood. These three kinds of wood are strong and are the ones most commonly used to make solid wood garage doors.

With wood garage doors, you will have to stay on top of keeping the wood well-sealed to prevent rot.

#2 Steel

Steel is a strong garage door material because it doesn't really require much extra maintenance. Steal does not rot or get damaged in the same way as wood. If your steel door gets scratched though, you will have to cover up the scratches right away so that rust doesn't develop. If you don't want to have to worry about scratches and rust at all, you can get a steel door with a fiberglass overlay to protect the steel from scratches and thus rust. If you get an overlay, you may have to repaint the overlay once a decade or so.

Steel garage doors are strong and affordable. Even though the door is made out of metal, it is not that expensive, but it is long-lasting. You may have to change out some of the components on the garage door, such as the springs over time, but the steel frame should last for decades.

Wood and steel are two strong material choices for your new garage door. If you are going for long-term durability, steel is a great choice. If you want a custom look, wood is a great choice for your garage door material. For more information, contact your local garage door repair and installation service.