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Bored With Your Bedroom? Try These Decorative Tips

For most people, the bedroom isn't just a place to sleep at night; it's a place of refuge. But if your bedroom doesn't appeal to you, you may spend most of your time in your living room or even outdoors. If your bedroom bores you, spruce it up with the decorative tips below.

Paint Your Bedroom a Brighter Color

If your bedroom is all white or beige, add some color to it. Although white and beige make rooms feel larger or roomier, they're not the only colors available to you. Colors such as pink, lavender, and even baby blue can help improve your mood throughout the day. However, you want to choose a color that not only spruces up your bedroom but that also relaxes or enhances your mood.

Colors such as warm blue or delicate green may be good options for you. The colors are subtle, yet appealing. If you don't want to paint every wall in your bedroom, paint certain parts of it instead, such as the moldings around your ceiling. You may need to play around with colors before you find one that makes you feel the most comfortable and relaxed.

In addition to painting your bedroom, you can decorate your ceiling.

Add Crown Moldings to the Ceiling

The ceiling is one area of the bedroom you might view regularly, especially when you lie down at night or take a nap. One of the ways you can make your bedroom look and feel more attractive to you is to add crown moldings to the ceiling.

Crown moldings are decorative trims that fit around the edges of your ceiling. Moldings generally come in a variety of styles, including ornate and smooth. Some moldings come with unique lines, flowers, and butterflies. The moldings you choose should reflect your personality and style.

To obtain your crown moldings on your ceiling, you'll need to contact an installer. An installer may offer a large number of moldings you can select for your bedroom. If you can't find the moldings you need, an installation company can help you do so. 

Once you find the moldings you want for your bedroom, an installation company will begin the process. A company may need to measure the perimeter or space around your ceiling before they begin. An installer will use the measurements to cut and shape the moldings to your ceiling properly.

If you're ready to improve your bedroom with crown moldings, contact an installation company today.