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Some Garage Door Repairs That Tend To Be More Common

There are some important reasons why you should make sure your garage door is kept in the best condition possible. First, a garage door can weigh hundreds of pounds. And if the garage door should fall, it can do a lot of damage and is extremely dangerous to anyone nearby. Also, your garage can be a prime target for thieves. With so many households having thousands of dollars worth of tools and equipment in the garage, many thieves target these rooms of the house. Another thing is the garage door is your way into and out of the garage with your car, and if it malfunctions, you may have a serious problem. Here is some information on some garage door repair issues to know about:

Remote control problems can happen

Remote control problems can end up happening and be problematic. However, the good news is that your garage door will still be operational, even when there are issues with the remote. You just won't have the convenience of using the remote control from your car. The problem may be easily fixed and done with some troubleshooting on your own. However, if you can't figure the issue out, then a garage door repair technician can come and fix a few things for you. 

Damaged rollers

Part of regular garage door maintenance is keeping your tracks clean. However, even with proper maintenance, the rollers can eventually become worn and end up damaged. Once your rollers begin to show signs of excessive wear, then damage will be next. This means this is a good time to have them replaced. If the rollers become damaged, then this can cause your door to not open or close all the way. You want to get someone to come to fix the problem so you can use the garage door again. 

Damaged torsion spring

The torsion spring may be broken if you see that the garage door opener isn't able to fully open the door. While you can try to manually open the door, you will find that the garage door won't stay up. This can be a dangerous situation to have with the door. Something else to understand is this is a dangerous repair for you to take on yourself. You want to have a professional come to replace the torsion spring for you. 

Damaged cables

If you have a garage door cable break, then this will put the added tension on the other cable. Not only does this increase the chances of that cable breaking as well, but it can also cause the door to become crooked, so it won't open or close properly, or even at all. If this happens, you want to have a professional come fix it as soon as someone can come out.

For more information, reach out to a local garage door repair service.