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Three Swing Options For Glass Shower Doors

A glass shower door can give a shower enclosure a high-end and stylish look that makes your shower one of the primary focal points in your bathroom. A lot of people start shopping for their glass shower door by evaluating the many finishes that are on the market, but you should also be thinking about how you want the door to operate. Two popular choices are sliding and swinging, each of which offers its own advantages. If you're leaning toward a shower door that swings open and closed, here are three swing options that are available. 

Swing In

One option is to have your shower door swing into the shower enclosure. Some people like this idea because when they're ready to have their shower, they can simply push on the door and step into the enclosure—rather than having to step back, swing the door out, and then get into the shower enclosure. A door that swings in can also be ideal in a tight environment because the door won't swing out into the bathroom and potentially make contact with a cabinet or another fixture.

Swing Out

Another option is to have your glass shower door swing out to open. This type of operation can work well in a spacious bathroom where you don't have to worry about hitting anything when you use the door. If you're designing your shower enclosure to be on the smaller side, a door that swings out can also be a better choice. With a small enclosure, a door that swings inward can require you to contort your body to get out of the path of the door when you're done with your shower and ready to step out.


In the world of glass shower doors, a pivot door is one that swings 180 degrees. This means that you can swing the door into the shower enclosure or out from it when you want to open the door. A lot of people appreciate the versatility that a pivot shower door offers. For example, you might swing the door out to enter the shower, and then swing it into the enclosure when you're done taking your shower so that moisture on the inside surface of the door doesn't drip off and land on the floor.

Each of these swing options can work well for numerous reasons, so visit a glass shower door company to choose the right door for your enclosure.