3 Ways To Strengthen And Fortify Your Door

If you are a prepper, you have done everything you can to make sure that your family is going to be safe when the time comes. You may not be able to set up a bunker or have a secondary location where you can remove your family for safety, so hardening your house is going to have to be your choice. Your door can be a real weak point when it comes to security and hardening your home.

Rust, Rot And Bald Screws: How These Things Affect Your Doors And How To Fix Them

Entry doors encounter a number of repair problems as the doors age. Rust in the hinges, rot in the door materials and bald screws all affect how the door works. So, how badly do they affect the use of your door? Are these problems easily fixed? How do you fix these issues? Rust Metal hinges can rust over time, especially if they have any amount of iron in them. (Stainless steel, brass and bronze alloys have been used in more modern hinges, so newer homes will see this less often.